Thursday, December 12, 2013

One Step at a Time

It has been almost two months since I began my journey of a healthier life style.  Having rheumatoid arthritis makes that challenge that much harder.  I started out too hard without really meaning to.  I found a 10 minute workout video online that I thought I could manage. It had the word "beginner" in it, so obviously it should be easy.  Sometimes I have the ability/curse/bad habit of seeing only what I want, because there were some another words in this video's title.  Those words were "boot camp."

In fairness to me, the video really didn't look that difficult. I guess I am more out of shape than I thought...aren't we all?  I didn't try to move quite as quickly as the instructor, knowing full well I couldn't keep up.  I was introduced to my first burpee.  Gotta say I'm not a big fan. Long story, short, I was sore for two days. I decided perhaps I should ease myself into this a bit and decided to start yoga. I work five days a week at a law firm and it is a bit stressful so I figured this could help me de-stress a little.  I was right.

I try to do short ten minute routines in the morning before work.  This really helps stretch my back out and get me prepared for my day.  I LOVE it! A couple times a week I manage to do some before bed too.  They have some routines that are designed to help you get more relaxed and fall asleep easier. It really helps my back and it stretches my muscles in a gentle way.  Some days, I'm not going to lie, getting on the floor is just not going to happen.  I don't beat myself up over it though.

I have also stopped eating before going to bed (mostly).  It was hard to do at first, but like everything else, your body adjusts.  In total, I have lost 8 lbs!  Not a lot, I know, but I think those pounds are staying off.  I didn't get fat over night and it's not going to come off that way either. I try to stay away from all processed foods. I just believe that they are not good for you.  Your body cannot possibly know what to do with some of those unpronounceable ingredients. I also try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I think this is key.  At work I am always drinking water as it is a habit. I drink at least two 16 oz. glasses full while working.  During the weekends, I have to remind myself all the time to drink more.  I will get there.

One thing I haven't done that I wanted to is keep a food journal.  I think that would really help me to stay on track and see where my weaknesses are and help me to see what foods I need to eat more of.

Over all, I think I have done well.  I feel better, that's for sure and that was the whole point.  I want to be healthier so I can feel better and be more active.  The weather hasn't been cooperating and my joints have been taking a beating.  The newest joint to get involved is my wrists.  Weird to have pain there, I guess because I never have before.  Sometimes I get discouraged because the joint pain is always there and between working and running a household, it can be overwhelming.  I begin to feel sorry for myself and that's never a good thing. A positive attitude is key to healthy living I believe.  I am lucky in that I can usually recognize in myself when I begin to slide downward.  It is easier to stop it, if you can see it.

I hope everyone has a very blessed and safe holiday season.  If you are fortunate enough to be spending it
with your family, what more could you ask for, right?  Happy New Year everyone!

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